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Cavalier Petpourri Rescue, Inc. is now a tax-exempt organization under, section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All donations are now tax-deductible.

Rescue Photos

Here are some photos of our latest rescue and others we have helped. Donations are always welcomed.

To donate to Cavalier Petpourri Rescue, Inc

All donations are tax-deductible.

By Check - to
Cavalier Petpourri Rescue, Inc.
4222 W. Regent Drive
Santa Ana,
CA. 92704

By Fax - credit card donations to 714 839 1991 include card number, expiration date, and code on the back.

By Toll Free call - with credit card info: 866 839 3981

By Paypal - Simply enter the email address ( of the recipient in the Send Money form, along with the amount you want to send.  


Cody was part of a large raid in Lake Co., CA. The rescue group didn't feel he was adoptable due to an unrepaired broken leg that healed incorrectly.


Velvet was listed as a "Cavalier/Cocker " by the shelter. The minute I saw her, I knew there was no Cavalier in her, but it was her last day, so I couldn't turn my back on her.  

Chelsea's owner had to go on vacation and, evidently, Chelsea was in the way of her trip, so she was dropped off at the shelter.  Chelsea is about 13 with a heart murmur, eye and rear end issues.  She has the typical Cavalier personality--loving and sweet.



Japanese Chin:  "Buddy" born with one eye, PDA robbed him of the sight in his other eye.   He spent seven years in a breeding facility, then was up for adoption for over a year with no takers.  He is a permanent resident here.


Bailey was part of a large puppy mill rescue in San Diego. She has behavior issues, as she is terrified of people

MiMi B:  Also rescued from the San Diego mill; she has bad knees and is terrified of people.

Chihuahua:  "Dino" nine years old,  biter and deaf, he had had seven previous homes and reportedly had biten everyone in every home.

Twenty five pound  Zak was rescued after having spent six weeks in a local shelter.  Several rescue groups considered him, but he was not taken because of a seemingly injured rear leg.   When he was taken from the shelter, it was realized that his "injury" was really a paw full of burrs, when removed, returned his leg to normal.  He arrived with a grade four murmur.